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A handbook for those who want to effectively lead an organization to greatness.

The Leader's Manual gives you insights on:

  • How to have the courage of your convictions
  • Taking the lead with big picture thinking
  • The importance of being ethical and honest
  • Leading with renewed purpose and meaning
  • How to walk your true leadership path
The Leader's Manual: A handbook for those who want to lead an organization of any kind. Roger Hull

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Roger Hull, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

A word from the author

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn't try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn't need others' approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”—Lao Tzu

Whether one thinks leadership can be taught or is part of one’s DNA, there is much to learn about the subject. By examining examples of great leaders, their words, and the principles those words embody, one can learn a great deal about leading institutions of any kind.

Some might conclude it is unrealistic to seek to be like those quoted in this book. But no one would deny the principles those leaders embody apply to all of us—or, more accurately, the principles can and should be applicable to all of us. Without ever approaching their level of success, we can gain insights and tools that can aid anyone who wants to lead.

We certainly need more and better leaders in this country and world. While this little effort clearly does not claim it will produce them, it cannot hurt, and it just might help those who seek to lead.

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What others are saying

Amazon 5 star review

Excellent Distillation of Key Leadership Principles

“While leadership is an ever-evolving science, Dr. Hull has done an excellent job of highlighting the key principles which have defined great leaders throughout history. This text is not just useful for those seeking to climb to the highest possible rungs in their respective professions, but also for anyone seeking to grow personally and professionally while positively impacting the people around them.”

— Amazon Review

Amazon 5 star review

Future Leaders

“Anyone aspiring to lead a corporation, a non-profit, educational institution, city council, or local community group will profit from reading this cogent manual. Should you want to aim high, begin by emulating the leadership axioms of the world's greatest thinkers.”

— Amazon Review

Amazon 5 star review

Valuable lessons

“Hull's use of quotations from some of history's great leaders provides context for some of the valuable lessons he is teaching. It may be a bit out of the academic reach for some readers- but in a country where we currently lack any form of leadership it's refreshing to find a writer who still understands the true meaning of the word "leader."”

— Amazon Review

Amazon 5 star review

The Leadership Doctrine!

“A brilliant approach to illustrating how leadership can be learned, refined and implemented. A must-read in today's volatile world. A leader"s pocket encyclopedia on the subject.”

— Amazon Review

Amazon 5 star review

Hull channels the voices of great leaders through history to explain their capacity to inspire...

“Trenchant, informative, and essential to all who aspire to leadership. Dr. Hull channels the voices of great leaders through history to explain their capacity to inspire others. Having successfully led two liberal arts colleges, Dr. Hull writes about what he knows - leadership, and how to lead. In an era when many lead from the rear, Dr. Hull rides the vanguard in explaining the art and technique of leadership.”

— Amazon Review

Amazon 5 star review

The Who, What and Why of Leadership

“Great book that uses quotes from famous leaders to illustrate specific leadership qualities. It is a book for both the lover of history and anyone who wants to hone up their leadership skills.”

— Amazon Review

Author Biography

Roger Hull received his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and his law degree from Yale Law School. While serving on the Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary, he decided to become a college president. To further his chances of reaching his goal, Hull obtained his master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Virginia. While studying at Virginia, he also served as Special Counsel to Linwood Holton, Virginia's Governor. Following completion of the governor's term and the obtaining of his doctorate, Hull joined his doctoral adviser in Washington, where he was Special Assistant to the Chairman and Deputy Staff Director of the National Security Council Interagency Task Force on Law of the Sea.

After his Washington "detour," Hull served as Vice President for Development and Planning at Syracuse University, before becoming President of Beloit College (1981 to 1990) and President of Union College and Chancellor of Union University (1990 to 2005).

Author of Law and Vietnam, The Irish Triangle, and Lead or Leave, Hull has created and runs foundations for at-risk children (Help Yourself) and unemployed, uneducated young adults (Schenectady-WIN).

Roger Hull - Author, Leadership Keynote Speaker